How to setup bios for PCSX2


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How to setup bios for PCSX2

PCSX2 is an open-source PlayStation 2 (PS2) emulator for the Microsoft Windows, Linux and OS X operating systems. In order to using it your need bios tomake it work. This tutorial will show how to setup bios to make it work.

First you need an emulator . If you don’t have one , try this.
Emulator : pcsx2-1.0.0-r5350-setup.rar
Bios : bios_PS2.rar
Password :
Or get latest version


When you first install your emulator ‘s folder will be like this. (If your setup PCSX2 for first time it will create blank “bios” folder.[Not sure/But that is not a problem.])
Then, Copy PS2 bios to your emulator ‘s folder. If you don’t have one , try this.

Emulator : pcsx2-1.0.0-r5350-setup.rar
Bios : bios_PS2.rar
Password :


(Skip this part if you already have PS2 bios)
Open bios_PS2.rar . And Extract bios folder to your emulator ‘s location.
It’s up to you to choose any folder to store your bios files.



In this Turtorial , i extract it to my emulator ‘s folder. “C:\Program Files\PCSX2 1.0.0\bios”. Make sure that in your bios ‘s folder have file like this.pcsx2-bios-setup-3

Open your emulator. Select Config -> Plugin/BIOS Selector.pcsx2-bios-setup-4Find your bios ‘s location. (In Ex my bios is on “C:\Program Files\PCSX2 1.0.0\bios”)
Click “Browse” and find your bios’s location and then click “ok”
Now you will able to select your bios.



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